National Moth Week 2021 Kerala - Exploring Nighttime Nature

National Moth Week celebrates the beauty, life cycles, and habitats of moths. NMW 2021 will be held worldwide from July 17-25. Moth-ers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to learn about, observe, and document moths in their backyards, parks, and neighborhoods. NMW Kerala Trying to biring active mothing community with Moth-ers of Kerala, KBMN and other organisations.

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NMW Kerala Webinars Series

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6.30 pm: Introduction to NMW & Moth Records on iNaturalist from Kerala (Malayalam) - By Manoj Karingamadathil & Firos AK ( PDF)

7.00 pm Mimicry in Moths (Malayalam) - by Unnikrishnan M.P.

Mimicry in Moths (English) - by Unnikrishnan M.P.

An Introduction to Major Moth Families by Mahesh R

Resources for Moth Studies by Haneesh K M

National Moth Week 2021 - Experience Sharing

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നിഗൂഢതകളുടെ നിശാശലഭങ്ങൾ by Balakrishnan Valappil

Program Organised by Malabar Natural History Society (MNHS)

The Art and Science of Moth Watching (Malayalam)- Unnikrishnan M.P.

Jointly Organised by Bhoomithraseena Club, Christian College Chengannur and Sreesankara College, Kalady Google Meet joining info Video call link:

Whatsapp session on Introduction to Mothing at Good Earth Organisation (GEO Nature Club)

More About Moths; An Introduction to Moths and How to observe them by Balakrishnan Valappil

An Introduction to Moths by Unnikrishnan M.P.

Moth Diversity of Kerala by Balakrishnan Valappil

Hosted by ENVIS Hub Kerala, Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Enviroment (KSCSTE)

Talk on Activites Funawatch & Florawatch Team, Payyannur College

Wikipedia Editathon

This is a experiment effort to create/enrich informations about Indian Moths in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A primary wiki list is prepared by user:Manojk (based on Balakrishan Valappil’s Kerala Checklist) and metapage here here.


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